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F I O N A   F I R T H

Fiona Biog Photo.png

Fiona Firth founded The Firth Singers and has conducted them ever since. Originally trained as a classical singer with a focus on opera, studying at Trinity College, Guildhall and the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatorio in Milan, Fiona has first hand experience and an intimate knowledge of choral and solo singing. The choir benefit from her vocal technical tuition and knowledge. 

As well as The Firth Singers, Fiona has a wide range of conducting experience. She conducts Voice Bucks County Youth and Training Choir, has taught community choirs including Singcopation, Dolce Vita and Voice Band. As Sing Up Area Leader for Bucks and Milton Keynes she conducted the Sign2Sing Guiness World record for the most people signing and singing a song at the same time, and led numerous workshops for teachers and Big Sings for up to 800 singers.

Fiona is also a private singing teacher both in Buckinghamshire and London, with many of her students gaining success in the music profession.

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